The Message
Fata Morgana

Archaeology and creative urge

My creativity is inspired by external impressions (volume, objects, and spaces) and internal feelings, thoughts, and conviction.

“The message”
This book represents my priceless treasure. It contains a very important truth that I wanted to preserve and pass down.

“Fata Morgana, the mirage“(1990 to 2001)

This wall is a fragment, decorated with gemstones, as an expression of the dynamic future. There is a strong symbolism in its location at Berlin’s Pariser Platz, which evokes a dark history and a destructive energy.

The masks

They are an expression of human desires, thoughts, and feelings in European society ( Hg. Marlene Hurley Marshall, Shell Chic, pgs., 124-125.)

They are my needs and desires to play with and transform space.

I also make customized screens, which you can order directly from me. It will be a pleasure for me to create your vision!