the 90ies

black and white


Like others use words, notes or sounds, sometimes their bodies or lash out with words, even use them as weapons, I use a brush to say what I have to say or better.... what I feel I have a duty to say to keep feeling "human". I also praise life, beauty, the colors and smells of everything that surrounds us and unfortunatly isn't visible anymore! I love our earth from my innermost core of being. The earth that I taste, experience, feel and enjoy with all of my pores and with her all that she offers, be it mankind with all its imperfections or all beings and their wonderful nature. I want to take sides with the injustice of people, religions and governments that push laws through with all their might, against fanaticism, intolerance and the disrespect for human people. I am adding some of my works developed over the last few years. You will notice that depending on the subject my choice of format and the technique of my expression differs.


Frauen - Women - Femmes (80x100 cm - 31x40 inches)